Saturday, April 26, 2014

Benjamin Tanner's Stereographic Safety Checks

A few years or so ago I purchased an early billhead printed by B. Tanner. I really liked it and got interested in Benjamin Tanner. Since then, I have acquired more Tanner items. At this point, this is my main collecting area - if you read my blog and have a Tanner piece, drop me a line, I would love to buy it for my collection. Check out my next post for more on Tanner.
This is the billhead that started it all. 

Tanner's checks typically have this border on them - B. Tanner's Stereograph Phila, with this swirl design.

1834 bank check Urbana Banking Company
1836 bank check Lebanon Bank with trimmed Tanner border - signed by resident engineer.
1837 promise to pay Philadelphia.
1837 promise to pay same design as above for Thayer, Bryan & McKee Philadelphia.
1840 Bill of Exchange Isaac Goodall & Son Philadelphia.

Probably 1830s bank check sheet for the Bank of Baltimore.
1840s Bill of Exchange printed by CH Butts who bought Tanner's Stereographic business Wankegan IL. 

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