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Benjamin Tanner printer and engraver

Benjamin Tanner was born in New York City on March 27, 1775. At an early age he manifested a talent for drawing and designing, and after receiving his education he began to learn the art of engraving. Tanner's master is unknown, but he engraved in New York in 1792 and was possibly one of the pupils of Peter R. Maverick. In 1805, he moved to Philadelphia. In 1811, with his brother Henry S. Tanner he commenced business as a general engraver and map publisher. From 1816-1824 he was a member of the bank-note engraving firm of Tanner, Vallance, Kearny & Co.. In 183 established a blank check note and draft publishing office - known as his stereography business, which he abandoned in 1845 to Charles H. Butts.

His engravings include portraits of Washington, after Savage; Benjamin Franklin, after Charles N. Cochin (1822); "Apotheosis of Washington," after J. J. Barralet (1802) ; "Perry's Victory on Lake Erie, 10 September, 1813," and " The Launch of the Steam Frigate Fulton," after the same artist (1815); "Maedonough's Victory on Lake Champlain, and Defeat of the British Army at Plattsburg by General McComb, 11 September, 1814," after Hugh Reinagle (1816); "The Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown," after J. F. Renaulty; and "America. Guided by Wisdom," after J. J. Barralet.

His brother, Henry S., geographer, born in New York in 1786; died in New York city in 1858. In early life he removed to Philadelphia, where he resided until 1850, when he returned to New York city. He engraved and published many atlases and separate maps, contributed geographical and statistical articles to various periodicals, and was a member of the geographical societies of London and Paris. He collected a fine cabinet of shells. (From Appleton's Encyclopedia).

In 1830 at a meeting of the Franklin Institute, the committee presented a report on Benjamin Tanner's improvement for preventing alterations in bank checks styled Stereograph Plates.

An 1831 Journal of Health advertisement by Tanner stated he sold checks on all banks in the city and elsewhere; cashier's drafts, with or without bank names; drafts on inland bills; foreign bills of exchange; promissory notes; western notes; also for sale large state map with canals and rail roads.

Some prints by Tanner.

Benjamin Tanner's Stereographic Safety Checks

A few years or so ago I purchased an early billhead printed by B. Tanner. I really liked it and got interested in Benjamin Tanner. Since then, I have acquired more Tanner items. At this point, this is my main collecting area - if you read my blog and have a Tanner piece, drop me a line, I would love to buy it for my collection. Check out my next post for more on Tanner.
This is the billhead that started it all. 

Tanner's checks typically have this border on them - B. Tanner's Stereograph Phila, with this swirl design.

1834 bank check Urbana Banking Company
1836 bank check Lebanon Bank with trimmed Tanner border - signed by resident engineer.
1837 promise to pay Philadelphia.
1837 promise to pay same design as above for Thayer, Bryan & McKee Philadelphia.
1840 Bill of Exchange Isaac Goodall & Son Philadelphia.

Probably 1830s bank check sheet for the Bank of Baltimore.
1840s Bill of Exchange printed by CH Butts who bought Tanner's Stereographic business Wankegan IL. 

More new editions to my collection. All UK stuff.

1809 billhead J & J Symes & Co.'s fly wagons Tucker printer.

1809 receipt Lyme for the Union with Captain P. Head from London for iron ware.

1807 billhead R & T Hallet Axminster.

1803 Cabinet & Chair Maker William Harmon.

2 billheads pencil maker and Taylor to the King.

Lot of billheads Cruttwell printers - note different co. names

1808 invoice Smith rope maker with impressed revenue stamp.

1810 billhead General Post Office to Daniel Stowe for news papers.

1805 billhead Richard Crutwell left side graphic next to the Church. 

Newest Additions to My Collection

New additions. Fun stuff!
Lafayette Insurance Co. of Cincinnati OH insurance policy sleeve with LaFayette vignette 

Insurance policy from above with revenue stamps.

Great George Washington Insurance Co. Policy with Washington center vignette.

1800 billhead for John T. Duryee New York on Pearl Street.

Cosack & Clark Lithographers letterhead of Buffalo NY.

1886 billhead JW Petty & Sons UK lithographers with color. 

1837 Philadelphia promise to pay George Peterson & Son

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cloth Labels

I purchased a ledger from an auction in January that included some specimen cloth labels for the UK. I think the printer was Maclure & Macdonald lithographers of Glasgow Scotland -lots of examples of this in the ledger. Here are the cloth labels. There is a great US resource for cloth labels online at the American Textile Museum.

Newest editions to my collection

Here are some goodies.
1841 promise to pay Philadelphia nice left side border graphic with partial shield.

18__ Tradesmen's Bank check of New York with nice graphics.

1859 billhead Stephen Brown & Sons stock and exchange brokers and auctioneers for Boston & Providence Railroad stock. This is the second billhead in my collection of a Boston stock broker. See the Joseph Henshaw billhead January 2009 blog

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

More new editions.

George Washington Bank interest check with left side Washington vignette and right side revenue stamp.
I collect paper that has Washington's likeness on it pre-1900. This was an exciting buy for me!

1842 billhead that has a stenciled header.

I have wanted one of these checks for awhile. I love the Neptune graphic on the left
and has a nice printed revenue stamp at center,

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