Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunburst Graphic

It is going to be a balmy 80 degrees today in Madison Wisconsin. In honor of the wonderful weather we have been having the last week enjoy these Sunburst graphic billheads and letterheads.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Newest edition to my collection - Warnick Bryan & Co.

1856 billhead for Warnick, Bryan & Company of Utica New York. What attracted me to this billhead was the Indian graphic on the left.
Printed by Nathan Lane & Co. of Wall St. New York City.
The manufacture of tobacco and cigars in Utica began about the year 1835 by a man named Tomlinson. He was in business for a short time when he sold it to Leslie Warnick and John Bryan in 1839. The two were thought to be the pioneers in tobacco cutting in the city. In 1845 the firm moved to 112 Genesee Street from Liberty Street and eventually settled at 85 Genesee Street. In the books it states that in 1852 John G. Brown succeeded Bryan and the firm became Warnick & Brown. From the date of the billhead we can speculate that the date is incorrect. I suspect that Brown did join the firm in 1852 - becoming the "Co.", but that Bryan was still a partner. The other option is the firm reused billheads but it seems a stretch to use it for 4 years after 1852.