Sunday, May 23, 2010

J. Knauber Milwaukee Lithographer

Commercial lithography in Wisconsin centered around Milwaukee area where it began in 1852 when Henry Seifert established a plant. Seifert would soon be joined by the Guglers and Jacob Knauber, as the early lithographers of Milwaukee.

Jacob Knauber (1846-1905) headed the firm of J. Knauber Lithographing Company from 1867 until his death.

Knauber was born in Heidelburg Germany in 1846 and died in Milwaukee in 1905. He became a lithographer and engraver in Milwaukee heading his own firm J. Knauber Lithographing Company from 1867 until his death. He was apprenticed to a lithographer in St Louis at the age of 15. The firm would be incorporated in 1888. Knauber had three sons who also worked at the firm, Arthur, Walter and Richard.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ribbon Billheads

I originally had this group of billheads categorized as "banners" but after looking at all of the banner group I realized that there was a distinct difference. I have decided to label these billheads as ribbons. I know, a sideways award ribbon, but a ribbon nonetheless. I will show off the banners - which typically are wavy and lack the circle top of the ribbon. Notice too that all of these examples are very artistic too.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Billhead of the Month – Kell candles London

My choice this month is a recent purchase of mine on ebay uk. Now let’s hope the dollar keeps its rise against the pound so I can buy more!!

1829 billhead for Robert Kell manufacturer of wax, spermaceti and tallow candles – it appears the firm had a Royal Warrant of Appointment for the royal family and also supplied candles to the Bank of England. Lovely royal graphic of a lion and unicorn in the upper center. Also has nice decorative header. The firm was located at No. 5. Strand near Northumberland House. Engraved by Silvester also located at 27 The purchaser is listed as Mrs. Orde.

Some tidbits:

He served as a juror for the trial of De Sellis, a valet, who was charged with the attempted murder of the Duke of Cumberland Ernest Augustus. Rumor has it though that the Duke himself murdered De Sellis.

Richard W. Silvester, London. Engraved a lot of bookplates. Earliest appearance in a London directory is 1806. John Quincy Adams received a seal engraved by Silvester at 27 Strand. The seal had a lyre and lion. Silvester also engraved Bank of England notes.

Packaging on billheads

While the storefront graphic is by far the most popular graphic on billheads, some companies showed their product's packaging on its billhead (I have a letterhead example as well). Here are some examples.